Responsive space

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The research project Responsive Space  explores somatic perception through soundscapes, where space, material, body and time are treated as equal parts of the composition. The work is driven by Olaussen’s interest in tactility, embodied experience and dramaturgical sociology.  It aims to develop scenographic work informed by an instrumental approach related to musical practice.


The project assumes that when kinetic and spatial aspects meet, it produces transformation in space over time, something that thereby involves dramaturgy. The project poses the following questions: Can an interaction between responsive space and performer arise a bodily experience? Is it possible that an interaction like this, one that is instrumental and related to musical practice, can result in an experience of dramaturgically produced reality? May one include scenographic elements in a performative composition, similar to movement? May scenography be seen as not primarily spatial, but rather belonging equally to the temporal?


Responsive Space takes the form of installation art and tableaux. It seeks new forms of dramaturgical experiences through sensuous perception of matter, dramaturgical sociology and musical approaches. Responsive Space seeks to depart from a traditional thinking of dramaturgy as a happening within a fixed period of time, with chronological narratives. It strives rather to function as a facilitator, where dramaturgical acts are created by the decisions and interpretations made by the subjects involved.


The project is aiming for a new way of listening, where the subjects involved have to become aware of their physical presence and somatically listen to the substance of the material. A situation where the work of art lies in the totality of experiences.



Artistic outcome (liks to project sites):




 Place 1 and 2


 Electric harp


September 7, 2017

October 7, 2014

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The action of interfering, or the process of being interfered with


The combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or cancelled.


A meeting, a change of paths.

A polyphony of voices, cre...

I’m seeking a language of intimacy.

              As I recognize a hint of winter in the wind. Like a body in the dark, full of warmth, breathing, a pulse.

And I write in space and material,

               for it is in relation to people that intimacy occurs....

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