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Gunhild Mathea Olaussen

Sculpture (8 x 0.4 m). Six concrete elements with a hint of Acrylic 1. Cast horizontally layer upon layer in white cement mixed with colour pigment and sand taken from four different geographical locations.



Part of the solo exhibition Sounding Matter at Galleri F 15 (01.02–15.03.20), curated by Maria C. Havstam

Link to exhibition catalogue, Gallery F15 (2020)


Sediment is a sculptural work that was site-sensitive designed for the middle room on the first floor of Galleri F 15. The sculpture forms a semicircle extending the full length of this space. The curved shape speaks to the world outside the gallery building and enters into a dialogue with architecture and nature. The sculpture evokes associations with fallen architecture, a structure created by humans and subsequently subsumed by time and nature.


Sediment can also evoke associations with a structure which invites you to sit on it and glance through the windows across the landscapes of Jeløya – a place for contemplation – but the sculpture is fragile, too low and rugged and not suited to that purpose: it almost becomes an obstacle to visitors. The material itself is dedicated to the contemplative space. Sediment stands there as a contour of a time that was, of traces that were left, yet it continues to shape the times ahead.


Sediment makes no inherent noise, but in this space the combined sound from all the installations in the gallery come together to create their own composition. The sound never gets too close but seems as if it is coming from next door. Sediment stands there as a witness, listening to what is happening around it.


The work has its roots in how we perceive time differently, how we age differently as a result of accumulating lifestyles, experiences and memories, and how time feels different to all life and all materials. Geological accumulation is the deposition of soil transported by rivers, ocean streams, glaciers and sediments. Sediment takes its cue from these sediments and in the physical time they embrace.




Concept, execution and production: Gunhild Mathea Husvik-Olaussen

Artist’s assistants: Johan, Ingeborg and Åse Husvik-Olaussen, Therese Næss Diesen, Ingrid Solvik


Produced in collaboration with Galleri F 15

Supported by the Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College, the Programme for Artistic Research, the Arts Council Norway’s Audio and Visual Fund and Fri Scenekunst project, Contemporary Arts Centres in Norway´s regional project funding for visual art, the Norwegian Visual Artists’ Fund.


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PHOTOS (from top): 

Vegard Kleven © Galleri F 15

Johan Husvik-Olaussen

Vegard Kleven © Galleri F 15

Ane Thon Knutsen

Sounding Matter - Gunhild Mathea Olaussen at Galleri F15 (please wear headphones)
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Video from the exhibition Sounding Matter at Galleri F15. Sediment from 13.51. Video: Morten Halfstad

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