Gunhild Mathea Olaussen

Casted sculpture in mixed material and sand collected from various geographical locations.


Installation premiered at solo exhibition Sounding Matter at Galleri F15 2020



A larger elliptical semicircle that extends the entire length of the middle space of the second floor of F15. The curved shape addresses what lies outside the gallery building on the second floor of Gallery F15. It is molded to an almost excessive height by a bench, as if you could sit down on it, but in fragile quality and a little too high, and therefore not working for that purpose, as a kind of outline of architecture, elapsed time, traces of bodies that have left.


The work thematize how time is individually experienced, how we as individuals age differently based on the accumulation of lifestyle, experiences and memories. "Accumulation" again, a term used in biology, describes the deposition of solids transported by rivers, ocean currents, glaciers, this process forms sediment. The artwork Sediment is exploring such deposits and the physical time they embrace.

photos (from top): 

Vegard Kleven © Galleri F 15

Johan Husvik-Olaussen

Vegard Kleven © Galleri F 15

Ane Thon Knutsen


Supported by

Arts Council Norway (FFLB)

Regional Project Funds for Visual Arts / Art Centers in Norway.


The Norwegian Artistic Research Program

Norwegian Theatre Academy



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A part of Olaussen research project Responsive Space at The Norwegian Theatre Academy