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How to be alone

Hege Haagenrud


Dance piece 2013

«Tell me something I dont know»   Selena Gomez

What can you teach a child about adolescence? Perhaps first and foremost that they must follow their own instincts, use their own judgment and draw their own conclusions.

Throughout history countless works have been written about this period in a child’s life, e.g. to » … use your wings but not forget your roots.» With well-meaning hindsight one wishes to educate the child and prepare him or her for what is coming. The problem is that the last thing one wants to do is to listen to advice given by those twice your age; learning by doing is the only possible way.

The dance performance «How to be alone» is based on how children in this period move between that which is secure, and the abyss; between belonging and independence.

Now is the time when one should learn how to be alone, no matter how many others you surround yourself with.



Choregraphy: Hege Haagenrud

Dancers: Marta-Luiza Jankowska, Cassandra Loo og Ingrid Haakstad

Scenography: Gunhild Mathea Olaussen/Signe Becker

Composer: Rebekka Karijord

Sound design: Erik Hedin

Light design: Norunn Standal

Costume: Hege Haagenrud/Signe Becker

Photo: Siren Lauvdal

Link: Hege Haagenrud

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