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Øystein Elle

Concert performance 2016

In the making of the piece the artists behind Territorium have let themselves be inspired by Japanese Avant Garde,

Norse mythology and European Dadaism. Parts of the process of making the piece took place in Tokyo.

Through the construction and deconstruction of roles, identities, personal and social space, territories; this piece is circling around our relationship to our own conventions. The ensemble invites to a collage, a room where “sense” and “non-sense» is equated, and the different elements possess equal roles in a musical polyphonic whole.


Idea, concept, music, direction, choreography, video, script, costume: Janne Hoem and Øystein Elle 

Scenography: Gunhild Mathea Olaussen 

Performer: Øystein Elle 

Light designer: Bjørnar Mæland 

Sound engineer: Espen Håland 

Text: Øystein Elle, Tone Gellein, Jesus Christ, Poetic Edda (Skirnesmal) 

Videographer and editor Inge Sigvaldsen 

Producer: Brendan McCall 

Exhibited at 

Tou Scene, Stavanger 2016

The 12th TheaterX international dance and theater festival, Theater Xcai, Tokyo 2016 

The House and The Lights, The Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad 2016

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