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Ingvild Langgård

6 min video installation for 3 screens and 6 audio channels

Weavers is a sound and video installation for 3 screens and 6 audio channels. Performative elements from dance, sound and music meet in a musically choreographed scenario for three performers: a percussionist, a violinist and a dancer, resulting in a complex sound installation in the gallery room. 


Each scene takes place in a dark room, and through lighting, scenography and camera movement, optical illusions are created, giving an experience of deconstructed bodies in a baroque, esthetic universe with dark undercurrents. 

The dancer is dragging a pile of organic material, stuck to her body, in reptile like movements, a heavy body work in a series of collapses, creating a soundscape of crackling, dry sounds, and meaty body sounds. The violinist manipulates different strings strung through the room, as well as other resonating objects, creating shimmering overtones and noisy disharmony. The percussionist plays on stone, wood, tile, shells, glass and porcelain, materials that throughout the piece become completely destructed by her playing.

The piece revolves around preservation and destruction, touching on mythological motifs through repetition, build ups and collapses. 

Composed & directed: Ingvild Langgård
Choreography & dance: Ingri Fiksdal
Percussion: Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen
Violin: Gunhild Mathea Olaussen
Photography and grading: Morten Halfstad Forsberg
B-photo: Jon André Hakvåg
Scenography assistant: Gunhild Mathea Olaussen 
Sound engineering, sound design & pyrotechnics: Rune Baggerud
Edited by: Christoffer Heie

Link: Ingvild Langgård / Weawers

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